NYC Pier NYC Pier By: Bex Walton

New York’s City Council has approved a plan to restore the historic Pier 57. The pier, built in 1952, has been aging and falling into disrepair for some time. The 300,000 square foot area was “hailed by Popular Mechanics as a ‘SuperPier’ for its vast size and unconventional construction, as most of the pier’s weight is supported by ‘floating’ air-filled concrete cassions.” The pier currently is unused, but used to be the bus depot for the New York City Transit Authority. Architecture firm LOT-EK has proposed a plan to transform the pier and create a space with a public market, roof-top garden, permanent outdoor venue for the TriBeCa Film Festival, and a series of repurposed shipping containers that would be used as pop-up and/or concept stores, among other commercial and cultural spaces.



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