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So, Linda has suggested that we stick with our current Scandinavian theme, and stay up north and take a look at some of Finland’s impressive architecture!  The very unique, award winning Kamppi Chapel of Silence, located… Read More


Hope everyone is having/had a wonderful Monday! We’re going to start the week off by continuing our amazing tour of Scandinavia, and take a look at some stunning architecture in Denmark!  In 2005, Bjarke Ingels… Read More


Jessica suggested we celebrate the end of the week (beginning of the weekend!?) by staying up in the Scandinavian region, and checking out some amazing architecture in sensational Sweden!  Wingårdhs’ stunning Victoria Tower, in Kista, won… Read More


Hope everyone is having a fun and productive week so far! Today, Suzanne has suggested that we travel on over to beautiful Norway, and take a look at some of their fabulous architecture!  Completed in 2012… Read More


Everyone really seemed to enjoy yesterday’s “where in the world architecture” game, so I thought we could play another round today! Can you guess where this architecture is located, and which architect designed it? Game… Read More


Today we’re going to play a fun game! We’re going to travel the globe and look at some of the world’s most interesting architecture, and you have to see if you can name it and… Read More


Hope everyone is having a great week! To help make it just a little bit more wonderful, Katharine suggested that we travel on over to Paris, the City of Light, and look at some of… Read More


We’re going to celebrate Hump Day by traveling the globe and taking a look at some wonderful architecture with “humps”! Humps?!  Danish Henning Larsen architects received the LEAF award for residential building of the year 2010… Read More


Today we’re going to travel the globe and take a look at some of the world’s most amazing skyscrapers! Things are really looking up!  This is the very unique top of Shanghai’s very famous, and very… Read More


Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend! We’re going to start this week off right by visiting one of my favorite countries, Germany, and some of their awesome architecture!  Located in Stuttgart, Germany, UNStudio designed the sleek… Read More


TGIF! To celebrate the start of the weekend, Christopher suggested that we take a look at some interesting architecture in the fabulous Philippines!  The wonderful National Theater at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, was… Read More


Today, Patrick suggested we head on over to the United Kingdom, and check out some of the wonderful architecture in beautiful Wales! Awn ni!  Jason Flanagan at BFLS designed the award winning new building for the… Read More


Hope everyone had a safe and spooky Halloween! Today, Jutte has suggested that we take a look at some exciting architecture in beautiful Hong Kong!  In 2010, the very talented architects at CAAU designed the exceptionally… Read More


Boo! Happy Halloween to everyone that’s celebrating today! Zachary thought it would be super creepy if we checked out some haunted looking houses!  I don’t know about you, but this house in Frisco, Colorado creeps me… Read More


Is it Monday, already!? Let’s start this week of with a festive bang, and take a look at some architecture in the hues of orange and brown!  Manuelle Gautrand Architecture designed the very large and very… Read More