Paris (France) Paris (France) By: dalbera

The Montreuil Polytechnic (IUT) in Paris is undergoing a major transformation. More and more development is taking place on the university’s campus and surrounding area including densification, new boulevards, neighborhood renewal, and the new tramway. One major part of these renovations it IUT’s expansion. The extension project, by Ateliers 2/3/4/ has two parts: the Polytechnic extension which includes computer science, public relations and management, and a cafeteria to serve the college. The separate and varying functions make the building undefinable both due to purpose and because of the architecture. Moulded brick is the main building material of this hollow, rectangular structure. The architects managed to squeeze in public atria and a central garden into this compact unit. Big windows and natural sunlighting were used in the design to create bright, vibrant interior spaces. Both exterior and interior are relatively monochrome but splashes of lime green and other colors can be found throughout the halls and learning areas.


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