Granada Granada By: Sebastian Baryli

The new police headquarters in Granada, Spain by Juan Alberto Morillas Martín is a 2,750 square meter four story white rectangular building. The compact edifice has three above ground floors and one basement floors and the design is modular to contain each function specifically and make the most of the interior space. The main entrance leads to a public hall and classrooms while the rest of the building is restricted to police personnel. “To allow maximum flexibility in a greater space, all open space has been designed in modules with elevators, restrooms, and stairs symmetrically placed at both ends of the facility”. The main floors contain work units that are both individual and shared offices. The architects “have tried to minimize energy consumption with a design based on concepts of bioclimatic architecture, taking into account the guidelines of the different facades and placing the broad areas of work in the southwest facade and front offices in the northwest”.

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