Architecture firm Re-Act Now has renovated the Rahova Commodities Exchange in Bucharest, Romania. As opposed to taking a more traditional renovation approach, that is to restore the building exactly the way it was, Re-Act Now decided to take a more modern approach and combine new concepts with the existing historic structure. The building was designed by Italian architect Giulio Magni in the traditional 19th to 20th century Romanian architectural style. Now part of the Ensemble Customs-Goods Exchange Warehouses, the structure was once the goods exchange in Bucharest. The facade and structure were in serious decline before the renovation, with much of the roof and walls damaged in a large fire. The new design maintained the historic feel and context of the goods exchange while adding new, contemporary elements. The interior consists of public and private spaces, and will house the Ensemble Customs-Goods Exchange and possibly some other creative enterprises such as PR or advertising firms. Among the new facilities are a conference and multimedia hall, table tennis space, and usable roof terrace.


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