Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro By: Daniel Hardman

The future site of the 2016 Olympic in Rio de Janeiro may no longer be. The Joao Havelange Olympic Stadium, known colloquially as the Engenhao, has been closed indefinitely due to structural problems. The site needs serious roof repairs before it can be reopened and used. Rio’s mayor Eduardo Paes said “he has been told that the structural problems could pose a risk for spectators, depending on the wind speed and temperature”. Architects Carlos Porto and Gilson Santos designed the stadium, and it was opened in 2007. It is currently used as the city’s premier football venue while the Maracana Stadium is being rebuilt. The mayor closed the structure, also stating that is was unacceptable for the stadium to be in this situation when it was opened only a short number of years ago. Rio is building nine permanent and six temporary venues for the olympics to try to “avoid the legacy of white elephant sporting venues suffered by former host cities Athens and Beijing”.



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