Transbay Transit Center Area Transbay Transit Center Area By: Elizabeth Krumbach

Last week construction began on what will be the tallest building on the West Coast and the seventh tallest building in the country. Scheduled to open in 2017, the Pelli Clarke Pelli designed skyscraper in San Francisco will be 60 storeys high and 1,070 feet tall. It is being created along with a new Transbay Transit Center for the Bay Area and “will transform the city’s South of Market district into a mixed-use transit hub”. San Francisco boasts an excellent public transportation system compared with the majority of U.S. cities but the bus and rail lines are disorganized and disconnected currently. The new hub will synthesize these connections and bring the high-speed rail downtown. The project is being hailed as San Francisco’s “Grand Central Terminal”. The design is an impressive glass domed transit center along with the steel-and-glass skyscraper.

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