Googleplex Googleplex By: Matt Brown

Foster + Partners designed Apple’s headquarters here, NBBJ designed Samsung’s. Now Gensler has released their plans for the new headquarters of Nvidia, a visual computing tech company in Santa Clara. Gensler has planned two triangularly-shaped buildings on a 24-acre complex. Each building will be massive, about 500,000 square feet. Hao Ko, Gensler’s principal architect, explains the configuration “facilitates collaboration by allowing connections to each side of the building to be the shortest”. Ko adds that “the triangle is also the fundamental primitive that defines all shapes in the digital realm”. The buildings look very Gensler-designed, and have a silvery, futuristic sheen in the renderings. The roof panels will be made of smaller triangular pieces, breaking up the mass of the building and allowing for alternating skylights that will allow natural sunlight into the interior space. The complex has a tentative completion date sometime in 2015.


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