Mendrisio Mendrisio By: Micha Raines

Mendrisio, an Italian-speaking city in Switzerland, is the home to La Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI). SUPSI is an applied science focused university and has proposed a two-phase addition to its campus. Kengo Kuma and Studio d’Architettura Martino Pedrozzi have developed a plan that includes overcoming “an existing urban barrier of an expansive railway system to link the university to the city of Mendrisio, utilizing a “skywalk” as well as a large underpass”. The proposed ramp will take on a zig-zag, geometric shape recalling local architecture in building roofs. A green promenade and stone-and-aluminum with glass panelling building will also be built. The building will have classrooms, a cafeteria, and laboratories. Many other, smaller green spaces are also planned to give the campus better circulation and provide spaces for university programs outdoors.


Read More: SUPSI Campus Project / Kengo Kuma and Associates

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