We finally made it to Friday! To celebrate, Jude came up with the brilliant idea to check out some architecture in beautiful South Africa!  UK practice Steyn Studio worked with South African studio TV3 Architects… Read More


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Hope everyone is having a super fantastic day! Today, Melanie asked if we could look at some interesting architecture in Kazakhstan. Let’s go!  The strikingly unique Central Concert Hall in Kazakhstan’s capital city of Astana,… Read More


Happy Monday! Today, Jessica has asked if we can kick the week off right, by traveling over to California and checking out some of their architecture!  The unique Geisel Library, named after Theodore Geisel, a.k.a.… Read More


It’s finally Friday! To celebrate, today Steven suggested that we travel around the world and take a look at some gorgeous opera houses! That’s music to my ears!  The stunning Harbin Opera House in China… Read More


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Today, things are really looking up! Kristina thought it would be a lot of fun to take a look at some of the world’s coolest skyscrapers. I totally agree!  The Shanghai Tower is even more… Read More


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Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Let’s start the week off right by traveling on over to the Netherlands and checking out some awesome architecture!  The extraordinary Evoluon in the city of Eindhoven was built… Read More


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