Tadao Ando Vitra

Architecture firm SANAA has built a new Factory Building on the Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein in Germany. 1993 was the last year for construction on the Vitra Campus until the factory building. The university… Read More


The University Campus of Segovia by architects Ricardo Sánchez González + José Ignacio Linazasoro has recently been completed. The Segovia, Spain based campus sits on a site in the center of the city’s historic core.… Read More

Faroe Islands

Architecture firm BIG has recently begun construction on the Marknagil Education Center. The facility will be one of the largest buildings on the Faroe Islands and was designed in collaboration with local architecture firm Fuglark.… Read More


JB Lacoudre Architectures has built the new campus of ENSTA ParisTech in Palaiseau, France. The architects created a 24,000 square meter extension to the existing Ecole Polytechnique. The structure was designed along with a massive… Read More

Coastal australia

Woodhead architecture firm completed the Kauwi Interpretive Centre in Lonsdale, Australia. The 800 square meter structure is “a state-of-the-art facility with an interactive learning space which aims to inform and engage the community on desalination,… Read More

New Project

The new Hebei University Library will be in the very center of the Beicheng Campus in Tianjing, China. The winning proposal is by Damian Donze of the Tongi Architectural Design and Research Institute. The bottom… Read More


The UNO Elementary School Soccer Academy by architecture firm JGMA in Chicago won the A+ Popular Choice Award and is “a model of community development and a stellar example of architecture’s potential to change the… Read More


Uchida Architect Design Office has built the new T-Nursery in Dazaifu, Fukuoka, Japan. The 168 square meter building sits on a 425 square meter site. The nursery school, designed for young children, has one long,… Read More

Swiss Alps

A primary school in the town of Bovernier at the foothills of the Swiss Alps doubles as an avalanche shelter and barrier. The school commissioned architects Bonnard Woeffray to design and extension of the school… Read More


Leeser Architecture has created their proposal for the Polytechnic Education Center in the Lenin Hills area of Moscow. The design “takes its cue from the rich history of modern Russian architecture of the early part… Read More


Seawall is a slum in Tacloban, the Philippines, where children have to work for their family’s survival instead of going to school. They do not have supplies, school uniforms, or even books available to them.… Read More

Pink Glass Facade

Amas4arquitectura has built the ASPAYM Center for Persons with Disabilities in León, Spain. The building sits in a residential area on a triangular lot, making the architects think very logically and geometrically about the space.… Read More

New Project

This year will see the completion of the new Biblioteca Brasiliana at the Cidade Universitária in Brazil. Architecture firm Rodrigo Mindlin Loeb + Eduardo de Almeida have designed a structure that will house a rare… Read More

Oporto's old town

OVAL has designed their proposal for the Cebes school in Oporto, Portugal. The  design includes several buildings grouped together for teh College Cebes, a secondary (high) school in Foz do Douro, Oporto. “The project proposes… Read More

Calgary skyline

Perkins + Will designed the Energy Environment Experimental Learning Center at the University of Calgary. The EEEL building “is a five-storey, 24,531 square meter undergraduate teaching facility that allows students to learn in an experimental… Read More