River Seine River Seine By: Elliott Brown

Atelier Zündel Cristea has created a proposal for a competition entitled “A Bridge in Paris“. The competition is hosted by Arch Triumph to create a new bridge for the River Seine. The contestants were encouraged to create something “bolt and elegant, … and different from the existing 37 bridges in Paris”. While the designs in this competition have no future plans to be actually built, the winning team will get $12,000 USD. Atelier Zündel Cristea looked at the relationship between man and nature for their design. They said “we recognize that human beings remain nostalgic for and imaginative of a state of primal happiness… when the body and spirit were essentially free”. Based on this concept, they designed a trampoline bridge, made of inflatable modules. It is meant to be a joyous, childlike, and playful way of crossing the river.

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