Whole Foods Whole Foods By: Kari Sullivan

Whole Foods is opening a new store in Gowanus, Brooklyn that will include a rooftop farm garden. The health food chain plans to create a 20,000 square foot urban farm in collaboration with Gotham Greens, “a Greenpoint-based rooftop farm that only sells produce within 15 miles of its location”. It will be the country’s first commercial scale greenhouse and is opening later this year. It will cut costs and reduce energy consumption by eliminating high-emission transportation of produce. The greenhouse is designed to use recycled water irrigation systems that use about 20% less water compared to traditional farming methods. Gotham Greens has already been reported as the only agency to produce vegetables on a commercial site in New York City. The local partnership strengthens not only the two companies’ messages, but also encourages urban farming and green commercial design in cities.


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