Battersea Power Station at sunset Battersea Power Station at sunset By: David Sim

The Battersea Power Station in Southwest London has stood as a relic for years. Many have tried to tackle what to do with the site but so far, the power plant remains. Since the early 80s, architects and designers have tried to create a new use for Battersea, which is a landmark decomissioned plant. The old building itself looks as if its out of some futuristic movie, with its four smokestacks rising high above much of London. Atelier Zündel Cristea has come up with a scheme that would put a massive roller coaster around the entire building. “The Architect Ride” won first place at an international design competition asking architects to transform Battersea into and expo center and architectural park. The amusement park ride would encompass but not overwhelm the historic building. Unfortunately, the plans to transform Battersea Power Station into an architectural park will never see reality, with new luxury flats planned for the site.


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