This month the world will see its first algae powered building, BIQ, in Hamburg, Germany. BIQ is being built for the International Building Exhibition (IBA) and is a zero-carbon apartment complex with a neon green facade-cum-algae farm. Microalgae “can produce more biofuel per hectare than alternative crops”. This will be the first time algae reactors have been integrated fully into the functionality of a building. The southern facades have a skin of hollow glass panels that contain the farms where the algae float around “basking in the sunlight” and being fed on a diet of carbon dioxide. The algae photosynthesizes, and can be collected intermittently and fermented in an external biogas plant to generate energy. The algae covered facades also provide the building with many other benefits in addition to producing energy. This experimental building will test this technology and watch its benefits for larger projects.


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